Tumbling Jazz



Tumbling Jazz – The Ultimate Tumblr Bot
Tumblr is one of the most popular social media blogging websites around at the moment. Millions of users with millions of blogs use the site EVERY DAY. With the use of TumblingJazz, the world’s leading Tumblr automation bot, you can harness this power for your own needs. The TumblingJazz Tumblr bot can fully automate all actions and interactions of the Tumblr.com site, hands-free!.

Harness The Huge Amount Of Users And Traffic On Tumblr

Using TumblingJazz it is a walk in the park to generate tonnes of traffic to your Tumblr blog and then onto your money sites. Due to the multi capacity, multi-threaded, raw socket implementation you can really let the bot rip, doing what it does best. All hands-free. Set it up, schedule it, repeat it. Site back and watch the traffic FLOOD in.

Be The Master Of Puppets (Pulling Strings)

Everything you can do on the Tumblr website has been automated. This means you have full control over your accounts. Let the bots run on repeat and your accounts will grow rapidly destroying all before them, but most importantly they will grow naturally and organically. The TumblingJazz automation bot gives you the full command at your fingertips, nothing is restricted, we are here to help your realize your Tumblr domination dreams.




  • Automatic Following
  • Automatic Liking
  • Automatic Reblogging
  • Automatic Reblogging Articles
  • Automatic Reblogging Images
  • Automatic Reblogging Quotes
  • Automatic Reblogging Converstations
  • Automatic Reblogging Links
  • Automatic Posting Articles
  • Post Articles from RSS feed automatically – fully customisable to work with ANY RSS feed
  • Automatic Posting Images with watermark options
  • Post Images from RSS feed automatically – fully customisable to work with ANY RSS feed
  • Post Images as a photoshoot, up to 10 images per post
  • Automatic Posting YouTube Videos
  • Post Videos from RSS feed automatically – fully customisable to work with ANY RSS feed
  • Pinterest Image Scraper
  • Tumblr Blog Image Scraper
  • Tumblr Tagged Search Image scraper
  • FULL Tumblr search functionality, tags / blogs / recent / popular
  • Tumblr search filters (audio / links / text / video etc)
  • Full Secondary blog support
  • Watch folder automatic image uploader – Automatically upload images that are put into a specific folder
  • Syndicate posted content to WordPress and Blogger – Before posting your content to Tumblr, post it to any wordpress / blogger blog then insert the syndicated link to your Tumblr post!
  • Account creation and automatic email verification
  • Manage an unlimited amount of accounts, unlike other softwares we do not charge you a monthly fee nor limit the amount of accounts you can use.
  • Account Verification
  • Update account names / titles / description / avatar / theme easily
  • Fully socket implemented. No webbrowser / WYSIWYG bot here. TumblingJazz is a lean, mean fighting machine *Create accounts uses a browser rendered to memory for high success rate
  • Get your accounts / content trending by utilizing our MASS features, Mass Like, Mass Reblog, Mass Follow. Better yet, how about MASS INCEST TRENDING. Use your accounts to create a social web of likes / reblogs / follows.
  • Proxy scraper
  • Proxy verification
  • Auto content spinning control
  • Content creation tool with custom synonum files for ease of content creation
  • Full Spintax support
  • Supports Tokens in content posting
  • Control all aspects of the application via Settings
  • Schedule all actions for Drip Feeding potential.
  • Time delay between actions when posting
  • Repeat all actions for constant blog updates
  • Post all content immediately or to your Tumblr queue
  • Run SEO improvements to your blog theme with one click
  • Frequent updates
  • High quality support via multiple systems
  • Full Captcha API support
  • All processes are stored so can be restarted in case of power failure
  • Detailed logs of all processes
  • Import/Export features for profiles, proxies. It is your data to take and do what you want with
  • Redo / retry / pause / cancel any action


Traffic Spy



The Ultimate Traffic Spy Tool. Discover & Analyze the Most Popular Sites on the Web… Uncovering Hot Content and Hidden Traffic Goldmines within Seconds! Gain an Unfair Advantage with TrafficSpy. Instantly discover traffic hotspots and content ideas on the world’s biggest websites… Stop conducting research manually, gather key data + insights fast!


Save Time
Save on Hours of Conducting Manual Searches & Refinements

Realtime Data
Search Updated Data Across Most Visited Sites

Powerful Filters
Filter your Search to Pull Back Targeted Results

Analyze in Seconds
Scour and Analyze Loads of Data in Just Seconds


Youtube Insight
How Marketers Are Using YouTube Data Gathered by the TrafficSpy?

  • Spy on Successful Video Ideas
  • See How People get Channel Subscribers
  • Buy Video Description Links
  • Run Targeted YouTube Ads


Facebook Insight
How Marketers Are Using Facebook Data Gathered by the TB App?

  • See Popular Content Ideas for Facebook
  • See How a Successful Pages and Groups are Set Up
  • Create Partnerships with Group Owners
  • Buy Private Banner Spots or Sponsored Links
  • Run Targeted Ads to These Groups


Linkedin Insight
How Marketers Are Using Facebook Data Gathered by the TB App?

  • Spy on Successful LinkedIn Groups
  • Set up Lucrative Partnership Deals
  • Join Thriving Communities
  • and Tap into Free Traffic


Pinterest Insight
How Marketers Are Using Pinterest Data Gathered by the TrafficSpy?

  • Spy on Successful Pinterest Pages
  • Get Awesome Content Ideas in Your Niche
  • Connect with Publishers and
  • Tap into Their Traffic


Twitter Insight
How Marketers Are Using Twitter Data Gathered by the TB App?

  • Find Influential People on Twitter
  • Find Active Tweeters
  • Find Twitter Profiles
  • with Lots of Followers

Website Auto Traffic Generator Ultimate

Website auto traffic generator ultimate



Website Auto Traffic Generator Ultimate (WAT) is a software tool designed to make your website popular via the Internet. This tool will help you in a short time to increase the visibility of your website or blog in the search results. WAT is useful for anyone who has a website or blog and wants to get free traffic to make their product or service popular.




  • Surfing Mode
    New generation traffic feature! Traffic would be exactly as users browsing through multiple pages of your website
  • Unlimited Traffic Making
    No limits for traffic generation, you can generate any number of traffic. Just put any maximum value!
  • Traffics from Different Geographical Locations
    Web page traffics from different parts of the world. You can also manually set locations such USA, UK, China, Australia etc.!
  • Keywords & Referral Based Traffic
    You can specify the keywords suitable for your sites to bring traffic from Search Engines. Also get referral traffic from multiple websites
  • Multiple Sources
    Traffic from 8 Search Engines (Google, Bing etc.), 9 social media referrals (Fb, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube etc.) and 10+ platforms/web browsers (Linux, android, Firefox, Chrome, Yandex etc.)
  • Campaign Traffic
    Makes you to create campaigns and generate traffic based on that!
  • Traffic Modes
    Manage and optimize sessions, page views and bounce rates of your website automatically
  • 24/7 Help & Support & Moneyback Guarantee
    Official help support via email, remotely troubleshooting issues! 30 days complete moneyback guarantee!


  • Advanced Switching Options
    You can define switching options for web browser, platform, location, session duration etc. to make the traffic exactly as regular user traffic!
  • Advanced Location Specification
    WAT brings proxies automatically if you provide proxy site URL. You can also manually add proxies independently based on any location according to your preference. You no need to worry if the proxy works, WAT will check it automatically!
  • Free Update
    One time purchase and you no need to pay for any support and free updates
  • Profiles
    You can save your whole settings somewhere in your PC as profiles. You may use import it to run at a different time!
  • Organic & Direct Traffic
    Allows you to define whether the traffic is Organic or Direct traffic to flow!
  • Google Analytics Support
    You can view the live traffic statistics in Google Analytics as well as any other Web Analytics Service

Simple Traffic Bot


UNLIMITED FREE Traffic to your website, Drives thousands of visitors per day to your website just with a single click!
Simple Traffic Bot , is designed to help users to increase their web sites traffic with a single click, in a simple way.
Simple Traffic Bot is fully compatible with windows 10, windows 8 and windows 7 all versions 86/64.



  • NO proxy need automatically simulate different locations
  • Simulate 418 user agent to simulate different devices
  • Simulate 28 screen Size
  • Simulate 34 screen width and height
  • Simulate 25 web browser languages
  • Simulate 968 different types of referrals
  • Simulate all web browsers (google chrome, mozilla firefox, internet explorer, opera …)
  • Simulate all devices (computers, tablets, smartphones)
  • Simulate all operating system (Windows 10, 8 , 7 , linux , ubuntu , fedora , Macintosh Mac-Os, android , ios)
  • Run multi-tasks at the same time
  • Simulate human’s operation scroll etc..


Lith Traffic Click Botz




Lith Traffic Click Botz is new version of Traffic Click Botz, it can generate visitor to your website by using Proxy, SOCKS5, VPN and SSH.



  • Multithread.
  • Intelligent Thread Manager.
  • Fake multiple browser (inclue mobile browser).
  • Fake referer (http & https).
  • Fake browser size.
  • Disable/Enable jаvascript, Image, WebRTC and Popup.
  • Visit then do something in your website (such as: click, input, scroll…).
  • Country Filter.
  • Check blacklist and IP Server/Hosting before surf.
  • And more…