Frequently Asked Questions

We guarantee your site will Rank Faster Using SEO VPS

SEO VPS gives you the solution that you need to dominate your competition and get highly targeted traffic. We will help you gain more from your optimization techniques via the optimization tools in our SEO VPS.

SEO VPS includes more than 300 + Tools from the following categories Amazon Tools AIO, FB Marketing Tools AIO, Proxy Tools AIO, App Maker Tools AIO, IG Marketing Tools AIO, Scraping Tools AIO, Automation Bots AIO, KeyWord Tools AIO, SEO Tools AIO, Content Gen Tools AIO, Lead Gen Tools AIO, Social Media AIO Tools, Domain Tools AIO, Linked IN Tools AIO, Traffic Gen Tools AIO, Email Verify Tools AIO, Pin Marketing Tools AIO, Twt Marketing Tools, Video Marketing AIO.

All our tools up to date. but when new updates come We update all tools regularly at weekends however some tools require Lil more time to get updates from developer side.

Yes, you can use it from your Windows, Mac, Linux, Android Phone/Tablet, iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Note:- Just 1 connection at a time if you are connected using Windows Pc and you connect from your Android Phone then the Windows Pc connection will automatically be disconnected and your Android Phone will take over the connection.

Yes, you can easily backup your VPS and can store the backup file on your Google Drive or Dropbox or any other place where you want, so that when you come back you can buy the VPS and easily restore your VPS.

We have our own Backup & Restore Tools so pls contact support if you are planning to take some months leave.

It usually takes minutes or some hours but it may sometimes take 24 – 48hrs too. However, your subscription period starts after the VPS is being delivered.

You can use a Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to an SEO VPS by using given IP, Username and Password and your work resources from almost anywhere using just about any device. You can connect to your work PC and have access to all of your apps, files, and network resources as if you were sitting at your desk. You can leave apps open at work and then see those same apps at home.

We are providing almost 99% genuine tools and rest 1% which are not available for an agency licence are nulled by our team.

yes We Provide all premium web apps like A*H*F, Keyword Revealer, Stock Unlimited, Spyfu, Quetext (Plagiarism Checker), WORDAI MOOOZ, Team Tree House, KwSinder, Word Tracker, CANVA, GRAMMARLY, LEXA, SKILL, XHAREXOORANK, Picmonkey as an extra addon .

As the servers are manually set up and there are tools which are used for link building, competitor analysis etc so in order to prevent fraud orders which are just to take the competitor reports or to build the links we have a refund period of 24hrs only. According to us 24hrs are more than enough for you to check the quality of the stuff we provide.

Note:- 24hrs Refund period is just on Seo Vps Lite No refund on any other product or VPS Renewals on any condition.

Yes, you can, just create a support ticket and we will guide you.

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