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Power at your finger tips, Get the power of Expired Domains in your hands, Very Simple Setup, Find domains from a keyword or a website, Thousands of domains from seconds of “work”, DHG is very powerful and requires just seconds to setup and start harvesting valuable expired domains.



Domain Auction Hunter
Find unlimited powerful and brandable domains from all of the major domain auction websites and compare to find the best domains at the prices you are willing to pay.

Web2.0 Hunter
Web2.0 accounts can be used as a base for any successful SEO campaign and with DHG you can find aged accounts from any of the 20 major Web2.0 and blog websites

Expired Domains Hunter (Search with Keywords)
Advanced searching functions allow you to find expired domains in any niche you want. Just enter your keywords and hit Search for unlimited niche domains

Expired Domains Hunter (Crawl Authority Websites)
Find domains with links from any website you want. Simply enter in the website you want to search and watch the valuable domains roll in.




Analyze and Check the Availability of Large Domain Lists Anytime!
SEO Experts Around the Globe Use NameChex to Save Time and Money!

NameChex comes loaded with great features which makes the process of checking and analyzing extremely large lists of domain names quick and easy. Look over some of the different features included with our bulk domain software below!


Bulk Domain Checker – Take 10 or 10,000 domains and quickly check them for availability using one of the three available methods inside NameChex. Check domain availability using the DynaDot API, NameCheap API, or VeriSign WhoIs Server!

Bulk Domain Analyzer – Take 10 or 10,000 domains and analyze them for a variety of different SEO metrics using the Moz API. NameChex lets you view MozRank, Link Counts, Page Authority, and Domain Authority for any domain you want!

Domain Anchor Text Checker – Load your backlink lists and quickly scan them to see what anchor texts are being used on your specified domain. This feature also keeps track of how many times each anchor text has be found inside your backlink list!

Multiple Domains in Each Request – Sending multiple domains in each request is one of the features which helps make our software faster than other websites or applications. Send up to 100 domains with DynaDot or 50 domains with NameCheap!

Register Available Domains – Let NameChex automatically register the available domains for you! This option is available when checking domain availability using the DynaDot and NameCheap options. Note, you must have prepaid funds in your DynaDot or NameCheap account in order to cover registration fees.

Export Domain in TXT or CSV – Export your final lists of analyzed or available domain names into either Text or CSV format. Then, you can open and browse through these domain lists locally using Microsoft Excel, Notepad, or any similar application!

Paid Moz Account – Since the Moz API has different limits for paid/free accounts; Our software can make changes to it’s speed depending on whether your account is paid/free. Enable this option if you have a Paid Moz subscription and limits will increase!

Real-Time Statistics – Stay updated anytime by looking at the real-time statistics whenever you want an update. Available/Not Available, Analyzed/Analyzed Errors, Extension Not Supported, and a variety of other helpful statistics are tracked for you to see!

Free Lifetime Updates – NameChex comes with free lifetime updates. Each time you load the software it will automatically check for new updates. When a new update is available you will be automatically prompted for updating to the latest version!

Save Your Credentials – By clicking the ‘File’ menu and selecting ‘Save’ your details (including API keys and settings) will be stored on your computer and loaded each time you start NameChex. Just enter once, save it, and never worry about it again!

Supagrowth PBN Hunter




What is a PBN?
A PBN is short for private blog network. A private blog network is a network of websites that are used for the sole purpose of pushing up a single website in the seach engine positions. These websites that form the PBN are typically created from expired domains. So when a webmaster no longer wants a website or a business or charity no longer needs its website it expires and PBN owners purchase these domains. They then place backlinks on these PBN websites pointing to they’re money website (the website they want to rank).


What is PBN Hunter?
If a PBN owner is experienced they will know that using a PBN can get their website delisted from Google search results as its against Googles webmaster guidelines. Therefore they will hide these PBN websites by blocking backlink crawlers such as Ahrefs and MOZ. PBN Hunter allows you to see these hidden PBN backlinks.


Why should I use PBN Hunter?
If a competitors backlink profile doesn’t look quiet right for how high they’re ranking then you should check with PBN hunter to see if they’re being boosted up Google by a hidden PBN. Nobody wants to invest hundreds of hours into an amazing website only to realise you have no hope in hell in ranking because that keyword which looked so easy to rank for is actually being domainted by people with hundreds of PBN websites.


How does PBN Hunter work?
PBN Hunter works on the following premise. If a website owner has a website (our target website) about a computer game called “Dead man X” they will build their PBN websites pages containing the term “Dead man X” either in the link anchor text or somewhere in the page text. PBN hunter will take the term they are trying to rank for (“Dead man X”) and scrape every result from all major search engines about “Dead man X” it can find. Once it scrapes a page containing the term “Dead man X” it will check every outbound link on this page to see if its linking to the targeted website. If it finds a link to the target website it will also check if the website is blocking backlink crawlers such a MOZ and Ahrefs.

Expired Domain Gold

Expired Domain Gold is a tool that lets you sort through Godaddy’s domain inventory to find high PR domains and perform various tests on these domain names to make sure that they are worth the money you are spending on them.

In addition to checking whether the PR is valid, you need to check the page authority, the domain authority and the backlink profile before you make a buying decision.



Desktop Catcher



Automatically Catch Top-Quality Expired Domains for Registration Fee!
Build Your Private Blog Network or Domain Portfolio with DesktopCatcher
DesktopCatcher comes stacked with great features that you won’t find in other publicly available domain drop catching software out on the market. Browse through the listed features below and see why both SEO experts and domainers everywhere use it daily! finding expired domains, to setting up the registrars and catching them!




  • API Drop Catcher : api The API Drop Catcher the most popular feature within our unique domain application. This standard feature gives you the ability to enable up to twelve different domain registrar APIs which will run simultaneously to try and register the expired domains which you are wanting to drop catch and own. These registrars include DynaDot, Moniker, Gandi, ResellerClub, InterNetX, Fabulous, OnlineNIC, eNom, RRPproxy, Internet.bs, MijnDomeinReseller and NameSilo.
  • WhoIs Drop Catcher : whois The WhoIs Drop Catcher is a separate feature which utilizes the VeriSign whois server to check domain availability by sending direct whois lookup requests. Once VeriSign tells the software that a domain has dropped and become available for new registration, it will then be instantly registered using any of the three registrars which you have enabled! Supported registrars for the WhoIs Drop Catcher feature include NameCheap, Internet.bs and eNom.
  • IDN Drop Catcher : idndropcatcher Our IDN Drop Catcher is one of the newest tools added into the DesktopCatcher arsenal. This tool allows you to drop catch expired IDN domains in a variety of different languages utilizing the DynaDot API. Those who enjoy drop catching internationalized domain names can do so in languages including Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Aragonese, Armenian, Assamese, Asturian, Avestan, Awadhi, Azerbaijani, Balinese, Baluchi, Basa, Bashkir, and over 50 others!
  • Bulk Domain Analyzer : moz Analyze large lists of domain names for a variety of different SEO metrics using the Bulk Domain Analyzer feature. This tool utilizes the MOZ API and lets you quickly pull different metrics including Page Authority, Domain Authority, Spam Score, MozRank, and Link Counts for as many domains as you’d like. Load and then analyze large lists of expiring domains to see which ones have decent SEO value. Then, drop catch them for private blog network development!
  • Bulk Domain Availability Checker : availability-checker This tool is one that many SEO experts use daily! It offers three different methods for checking domain availability on extremely large domain lists. Unlike the features above which will check domain availability dozens of times per minute, this tool only checks them once. SEO experts scrape large lists of domains from high authority websites and then use this tool to see if any are available. It’s a great method for finding authoritative domains that dropped months ago!
  • Search Deleted Domains : searchdeleteddomains Pull and browse through full lists of expired domain names (Pulled Directly via NameJet Feed) and find which ones you want to try and drop catch with DesktopCatcher using a variety of different filtering options. Preview lists for upcoming days (Up to 5 in Advance) and then search through them before their scheduled drop date. Users will also have the ability to pull domain lists from years in the past and use the same filtering options as well!
  • One-by-One Mode : 1×1 This feature increases your odds of successfully catching more COM/NET domains by focusing on one specific domain at a time. Rather than constantly cycling through every single domain in your list, this feature will arrange your domains in their proper drop order and then focus all requests on just the first domain dropping for the day. Once that domain has been registered (by you or someone else) it will then automatically move onto the next.
  • Run on Schedule : scheduler Start and stop your drop catching activities automatically using the scheduler feature! You can choose to specify your desired time frame, or just click one of the preset time frames which you can set for yourself at anytime. Either way, our software will then automatically start and stop checking your desired domain names at its scheduled times; Whether you’re in front of the computer or not! (Computer must not be Shutdown or in Sleep Mode)
  • Search Deleted Domains
  • Bulk Domain MOZ Checker
  • Bulk Domain Availability Checker
  • IDN Domain Drop Catcher
  • Bulk Anchor Text Checker