Ubot Studio 5.9.50

Ubot Studio 5.9.50

Ubot Studio is software for automating tasks and creating independent program pieces to quickly perform repetitive activities. This software is compatible with 99% of websites and allows you to perform all your online activities automatically. With UBot Studio you can collect and analyze data, sync your online accounts, download and upload data, and automate everything else you do with your web browser.

UBot Studio software lets you turn your ideas into a standalone piece of software and send it to your customers for execution. Using this software, you can create a custom robot for your online activities without coding and even sell it to others. Using this program while being functional is also a lot of fun and allows you to easily create a custom robot.




  • Visual Scripting Language: Use the Visual Scripting Language to build drag-and-drop automation products.
  • Visual UI Designer: Create unique, beautiful user interfaces for your software with a simple, WYSIWYG visual UI designer.
  • Record and Playback : Record actions inside your browser and automatically convert them into scripts that you can then edit however you’d like.
  • Search and Save : Search and save any web page content (including hidden HTML, jаvascript, and CSS data).
  • Emails : Send, receive, and scan emails for important data instantly, and automatically click links inside.
  • Auto-fill Forms : Auto-fill forms on any website with important or randomized data.
  • Solve CAPTCHAs : Solve captchas manually or remotely with built-in third-party service integration.
  • Proxies : Quickly use and switch private, public, and secure proxies.
  • Randomize Content : Randomize content easily with a built-in Spintax editor and integration with the most popular text spinning services.
  • Compile Scripts : Compile your scripts into executable software that anyone can install, even if they don’t have UBot Studio.
  • The Bot Bank : Start automating from Day 1 with our pre-programmed library scripts, the Bot Bank.
  • Smart Apps : Create smart apps with conditionals and if-then statements.
  • Custom Commands : Create your own custom commands and reuse them again and again.
  • Data Manipulation : Handle advanced data manipulation with easy-to-use variables, lists and tables.
  • Debug : Debug your scripts quickly and easily with UBot Studio’s built-in debugger.
  • RegEx – Powerful Regex Builder : Scrape text with a built-in, powerful Regex builder that includes common patterns for finding emails, addresses, and more.
  • Web Inspector : Analyze websites’ source code with the built in Web Inspector.
  • CSV : Read and write text CSV files for easy data management.
  • Windows Automation : Type & click anywhere on your PC with Windows automation.
  • Shell Commands : Quickly open other applications using shell commands.
  • SQL – SQL Database Integration : Connect to, update, and grab data from any MySQL, SQLite, and SQL Server databases.
  • Multi-Threading : Unlimited multi-threading and socket features let you control rendering and build lightning-fast apps.
  • Professional Code View : Professional Code View lets you switch between Visual Scripting and a simple text language, for fast and easy editing.
  • Image Recognition : Use Image Recognition to interact with Flash, Java and other web content automatically.
  • Socket Interaction : Interact with web pages without rendering images or jаvascript, or connect directly through their HTTP protocol and supercharge your automation.
  • Scheduling : Set recurring or timed events for your whole program or just individual parts, and leave the job to UBot Studio.
  • Advanced UI Editor : Create entirely custom interfaces for your products with HTML5 using a specialized, advanced UI editor.
  • Whitelabel Applications : Remove the UBot Studio logo and process information from all compiled software.
  • Built-in Installer : Build tidy packages containing everything your customer will need to use your software.