LinkedIn Missing Data Extractor




LinkedIn Missing Data Extractor extracts LinkedIn profiles’ missing contact information like email address, phone number, messenger IDs. It takes LinkedIn profiles list as an input to extract email, phone, messenger Ids from search engines, websites list.
LinkedIn Missing Data Extractor is the supporting software to LinkedIn Lead Extractor, LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor, LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor, LinkedIn Company Extractor software. It takes LinkedIn profiles (exported by LinkedIn Extractor software) as an input and extracts missing information like email address, phone number, skype ids, icq ids from search engines, websites list. You can export searched information in .XLSX, .CSV file (Opens in EXCEL), TAB delimited .TXT file. It has easy-to-use, straightforward and user friendly user interface.




  • Email Extractor : “LinkedIn Missing Data Extractor” searches for email addresses by using its multithreading power to run the process quickly.
  • Phone Extractor : Search phone numbers on specified sites, or search by keyword, selecting suitable sites in search engines.
  • Instant Contact Extractor : The software is capable of finding not only email addresses and phone numbers, but also Messenger IDs such as Skype, ICQ, AIM, MSN.
  • Save Bandwidth and Time : To save bandwidth and precious time it has an option “Don’t allow recrawling of already crawled pages in new searches”.
  • Auto-save and Recovery : Sometimes computer/software shuts-down unexpectedly; don’t worry you can recover your search results just by one click.
  • Internet Failure Detector : “LinkedIn Missing Data Extractor” automatically pauses/resumes on internet failure during processing.
  • Unicode Support : “LinkedIn Missing Data Extractor” support unicode contacts. You can also save fetched contacts in unicode format.
  • Customizeable Crawler : User can customize the crawler behaviour according to his needs.
  • Proxy Support : In case if any site or search engine block the IP, you can add proxy-settings.
  • Big Search Engine List : “LinkedIn Missing Data Extractor” support more than 66 search engines. You can search according to your country.
  • Export : You can export in .xlsx files, .CSV files (Opens in EXCEL), TAB delimited (.txt files) format opens in NOTEPAD.
  • It is best tool for businesses to get necessary business contact information from sources ranging from business directories to search engines. Used primarily by marketing consultants for businesses quickly looking to find leads for their companies.
  • This piece of software has a multi-threading system, in which the contact information is being searched can be found at an exhilarated speed, without compromising computer performance.

RS Phone Prospector


Get Direct Phone Numbers of your Targeted Prospects
It is an advanced phone number extractor which helps you to build your targeted prospects direct phone numbers in real-time from search engine and LinkedIn. So you can connect directly with your potential prospects via SMS or Whatsapp or Cold Call with your marketing message.


Why choose Phone Prospector?

  • Easy & Simple Design
    We made super simple design, which make you use the tool like a PRO instantly.
  • Real Time Extractor
    Extracts leads real time from web for your search keyword.
  • Multi PC Access
    Access tool on any PC or Laptop with your login credentials.
  • 360 Support
    Connect with our support team via chat or email or Skype or call.
  • Personalized Live Demo
    1-on-1 free live demo to make you understand the tool better.
  • Free Sample Leads
    Get free 100 leads for keyword of your choice before purchase.

Extract targeted leads like never before

Linkedin Search
There are some LinkedIn extractors available in the market, but they enforce you to authenticate or login into your LinkedIn account to scrape the data. But RS Lead Prospector doesn’t ask you for such authentications to extract data.

Personal Email Grabber
RS Lead Prospector is highly focused on extracting personal email address of your prospects like @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, @hotmail.com, @msn.com, @aol.com or any. You just need to input domain of your choice or just leave it blank to pull available business emails.

Domain Search
Domain search is nothing but helps you to extract available email addresses of particular domain from the web with highly effective search filters developed by Redscraper. You can search for any domain of your choice to generate an email list.

Lead Manager
A new list will get created automatically on ‘Contacts’ tab for every search you do on RS Lead Prospector. Also all your leads will gets auto backup on your computer, so you can logout and come back anytime to see the same

Easy Export
Once lead extraction got completed, you can export that lead information as a CSV file and then take it to your marketing campaigns. You can export all the details of your leads along with the date and time of the crawler.

Lead Filter
You can do multiple filters on your leads by contact name or contact email or contact title or Contact Company or contact Source URL or search keyword and date wise. So, by this way you can ignore exporting unwanted leads for your marketing campaign.