ACE Search Engine Submission Software


You do not need to submit your website to zillions of search engines to get web site traffic. You need to submit all your webpages to all the top search engines for effective marketing, optimization and placement. 99.99% of ALL SEARCH ENGINE WEB TRAFFIC comes from the Top Search Engines. We have ALL those search engines included in our software. Some other search engine promotion and software companies say they will submit your website to 100,000’s of sites….( at a HUGE COST ).


What they don’t tell you is, that for promotion of your URL and Email Address to those FFA Sites and Unknown Search Engines will guarantee you tons of spam emails and numerous offers which will overwhelm you, get you little traffic and virtually NO HITS. Well, there are only a hand full of top search engines that provide virtually ALL THE HITS, and we have them all.

Yes, there are other top internet advertising directories you want to be in also ( like Yahoo and Looksmart ), but they all charge from $50.00 to $299.00 or more per 1-Website Domain URL. Plus, there are other Pay-Per-Listing/Click Type Sites which charge you anywhere from 5 cents to Infinity. ( Like Goto /Overture). Yes, you may want to be in those too. For a price, But it cost you SO MUCH and you pay every time someone looks at your site. NOT when they buy something!!.

We have all the TOP Search Engines that do not charge you, and are the providers of 99.99% of all internet search engine traffic. Our search engine promotion software will save you time, money, and make it extremely easy to submit unlimited webpages to all the top search engines. Plus, we will be adding all new top search engines as they emerge…which will be included in all future upgrades.





Easy Automation For Busy Marketers – Manage and Grow All Your Social Accounts – dfccd d y and Organically
Socinator gives you more control over your social accounts and helps you publish regular content over social media. It helps you drive greater level of ENGAGEMENT, reply in REAL TIME and mainly with content in response to specific actions. It makes EASIER to communicate with the audience and make the brand more relatable. Nevertheless, its a terrific Time saver driving more TRAFFIC to your site.
Socinator lets you auto publish and schedule your posts on multiple networks at once, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc.
Its also having an ability of content curation by importing content via RSS feeds, monitoring folder etc. making it the smart auto post scheduler.




  • Instagram Automation Features Grow your Instagram accounts 10x faster: Auto Follow, Follow Back, Auto Like, Auto Comment, Auto Repost, Auto Messages, Live Chat and Many More
  • Facebook Automation Features Increase Engagement and Precised Audience Reach: Auto Friend Requests, Auto Accept Friends, Auto Like, Auto Comment, Auto Join Groups, Auto Unjoin, Live Chat and Many More
  • Twitter Automation Features Boost your activities on Twitter for better engagement and ROI Auto Follow, Follow Back, Auto Like, Auto Comment, Auto Retweet, Auto Messages, Live Chat and Many More
  • YouTube Automation Features Schedule your YouTube accounts on Auto-pilot, and watch them growing. Auto Follow, Auto Subscribe, Auto Unfollow, , Auto Like, Auto Comment and Many More
  • Quora Automation Features Everything you need to succeed on Quora: Auto Friend Requests, Auto Downvote Answers, Auto Upvote Answers, Auto Report User, Auto Upvote Questions, Find And Extract Answers, Find And Extract Users and Many More
  • gPlus Automation Features Be 24/7 Engaged with your Audience on gPlus. Auto Follow, Auto Post/Share Content In Your Communities, Auto Unfollow, Auto Unfollow, Join/Unjoin Communities In Your Niche and Many More
  • Pinterest Automation Features Give boost to your Pinterest account for faster growth and 20x more revenue. Auto Follow, Auto Follow Back, Auto Try, Auto Comment, Auto Repin, Auto Create Boards, Auto Unfollow and Many More
  • LinkedIn Automation Features Make your Professional Network more bigger and connect with potential partners and customers on the go. Auto Accept/Cancel Connection Requests, Auto Endorse Connections, Auto Engage with Likes and Comments, Auto Post/Share Content In Your Groups, Auto Reply to new messages, Find And Extract Answers, Find And Extract Users and Many More
  • Reddit Automation Features Boost your activities on Twitter for better engagement and ROI Auto Follow, Follow Back, Auto Like, Auto Comment, Auto Retweet, Auto Messages, Live Chat and Many More
  • Tumblr Automation Features Schedule your YouTube accounts on Auto-pilot, and watch them growing. Auto Follow, Auto Subscribe, Auto Unfollow, , Auto Like, Auto Comment and Many More
  • Auto publish posts from RSS, Auto shorten URLs, Auto Submit captcha verification, Detailed report for each and every activity, Embedded browser for each network, Analytics and Growth Metrics.

Riseist Quora Bot



Ultimate Quora Automation Software
Upvote, Downvote, Auto Answer & Auto Follow



  • Auto Answer: Auto post answers on Quora based on given keywords.
  • Upvote: Upvote answers and rank them higher for more sales, views.
  • Downvote: Downvote answers which are bad for your brand or competition.
  • Mass Follow Users: Auto-Follow users in your niche based on your keyword.

MarketerBrowser Ultimate


The safest and most efficient browser for internet marketers. MarketerBrowser is a browser software to help Internet marketers manage multiple accounts of the same website and do promotion safely and efficiently. You can open multiple pages and bind different proxies and useragents for pages so it will be safe even to run multiple accounts on one website. Accounts are independent of each other.


Imagine the feeling of accessing all your accounts on one browser without always having to log out or opening private browsers for logins.
Simply log in to each account on a different tab and they will all be independent of each other!


  • DATA SUBMIT STORAGE AND RE-CHECK AUTOMATICALLY : MarketerBrowser can save the data like comment, link and image etc… you submitted to any site or page, then re-check them automatically to see if these data or links are still there and give you a clear report! This will save you big time to check your work as a seriously internet marketer.
  • UNPARALLELED MULTI-LOGINS MANAGEMENT : MarketerBrowser gives you the power to visit and open an unlimited number of logins in different tabs on one window browser. With MarketerBrowser, you can log into multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously without using other browsers or incognito sessions.
  • EFFECTIVE BINDING OF MULTI-PROXIES AND USER AGENTS : Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a browser lets you connect multiple proxies simultaneously? To ensure your maximum safety and create an enabling browsing environment, MarketerBrowser allows you to open multiple pages and assign a separate proxy and user agent to each page.
  • TOP-NOTCH CLOUD STORAGE : This browser comes with a remarkable cloud storage solution! With MarketerBrowser, your data can be remotely maintained, managed, and backed up so that you can work from anywhere and securely access your work from any device.
  • BROWSING HISTORY MANAGEMENT : MarketerBrowser lets you manage your Internet browsing experience more efficiently by saving your browsing histories, allowing you to access them fast each time you log into your browser.
  • ADVANCED BROWSER AUTOMATION : You don’t have to perform repetitive tasks over and over again. MarketerBrowser allows you to customize your browsing operations and set your sites and accounts to browse or login automatically with a simple tap of the button, saving you time.
  • CUTTING-EDGE ANTI-FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY : MarketerBrowser is designed to offer you a state-of-the-art defense against browser fingerprinting. With this browser, you are protected from any system that can identify or track your activities online.




Schedule Your Posts and Grow All Your Social Accounts 10 Times Faster Than Before!
JARVEE is doing the work of an entire social media team that ensures your online brand’s success. 24/7 without the lunch breaks. JARVEE is definitely for you, if your goal is to:
Automate all your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Youtube accounts.




  • Schedule all your social media updates for future publish : Find perfect timing for your content with Mass Planner and post them on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Find and automatically join new Groups in you niche : Automatically find new Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn Groups in your niche, to extend your audience and attract new customers.
  • Automatically share your posts on Facebook Groups : Have your unique content automatically shared with the groups you’re member of. This is a tested and guaranteed way to drive more reach and engagement to your posts.
  • Auto-Follow people in your niche : Find and automatically follow Twitter/Pinterest/Google+/Instagram accounts with Mass Planner based on keywords for your niche.
  • We don’t advertise our presence on your posts : Keep your own voice on social media with our newly-available technology to build trust and long-lasting relationships with your costumers.
  • Fast and Reliable customer support : We want to make sure you get the most out of Mass Planner and create impactful and relevant marketing strategies for your business.